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Your Account History Generated on 16-Jan-99
For the Month of Amount in US$ When Mailed
July 1998 $ 32.96 N/A
August 1998 $ 65.32 N/A
September 1998 $ 29.76 N/A
October 1998 $ 31.84 Check mailed on 01-Dec-98.
November 1998 $ 48.20 Check mailed on 06-Jan-99.
December 1998 $ 40.61 Check to be mailed on February 1, 1999.

* Total since July 1998 : $ 248.69
Please note that traffic generated during each month is reported on at the end of the month as a temporary assessment only. These figures are subject to amendment as a result of advertiser intervention or subsequent investigation. Payment is due at the beginning of the following month. So when we report on July Traffic, that is paid for at the beginning of September.

* Monthly statistics are only available from June 1998.
** Balances of $10.00 or less are automatically carried over to the following month.